“There is some brain activity,” the neurologist stated somberly.  A near-drowning upended the life of 12 year old Adam Dzialo.  Three weeks on a ventilator, six weeks in a rehab hospital, and then home.  The previously healthy, vibrant boy returned to his family, rigid as a board, nonverbal, tube-fed, and severely traumatized.  He would scream without sound and cry without tears.
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About Sharon Dzialo

Sharon Dzialo has been a teacher, a counselor, a wife, and a mother of two children.  She began her professional career as a high school English teacher and after five years pursued the necessary graduate training to be a counselor.  She had a long and fulfilling career in the same high school for 20 years. It was toward the end of this career that her twelve-year-old son, Adam, enrolled in a summer camp, experienced a severe brain injury as a result of a near-drowning.  At that point she took on the new role of “extreme caregiver,” a role she had unwittingly been preparing for her entire life.
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Excerpt from the Book

I awoke to a beautiful summer morning. I had an eight-week break from my job as a high school counselor. A long to-do list awaited me, most of the activities related to my younger child, my son, Adam. Read more

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